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sustainability begins with personal health

organic plant-based ingredients - no added sugar - low calorie

Our low calorie lemonades have only naturally occurring sugars from the organic juice.


don’t want or can’t take sugar?

An entire can of our lemonade has just 38kcal (15 kcal/100ml) from naturally occurring sugars in the organic juice.

We all know that natural and organic is better for us - we use zero refined sugars or artificial sweeteners.


hey sugar - you’re too much for us

each dane buys 12,3 kg of sweets and 87 litres of soft drinks a year Source: DTU/

Try Level Organic in your family for 14 days and tell us how you feel.


Level Organic x Copenhagen Fashion Week - official partner

We are proud to partner with CFW in their quest to become the world’s most sustainable fashion week. In August, we provided our eco-friendly and sustainable organic lemonades for the vip and press vehicles in addition to 25+ shows and events.

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