naturally light to keep the body level

We are a Copenhagen startup inspired by a passion for health and our planet. We make organic light lemonades using only natural ingredients without added sugar. Level Organic is sweetened only with the naturally occurring sugars in the organic juice.

Our recipes are not the sweetest but they may be the nicest. The human body is perfectly evolved to consume the naturally occurring sugars in fruit and vegetables. The same is not true for inventions like refined sugar and artificial sweeteners. We love nature and organic food.

"I have been a diabetic for 20 years and I have never felt better. I avoid refined sugars and eat mostly fresh whole foods. My blood sugar is more stable with natural foods. Some doctors recommended artificial sweeteners but I just did not find the same balance. I dropped zero drinks, my entire diet improved and I lost weight. When calculating for my own diet, I think about our drinks like a small piece of fruit (an entire can has 24 kcal to 38 kcal depending on variant). My wife Mette and I created Level Organic for special dietary needs but most of our customers are just regular healthy people. Our friends love it, our four kids love it and it is our hope that you will too” - Norman Hardie, co-founder