Real ingredients, sustainability and value

In 2018 we stopped using plastic bottles and turned our focus to 100% sustainable organic products that are also low in calories. We are a pioneer in low calorie drinks without sweeteners. Our lemonades have 68% less sugar than regular soft drinks and are sweetened only with organic fruit juices.

Aluminum packaging is a new look for the organic market. Aluminum is very sustainable because it is infinitely recyclable and lightweight. The recycling rate of aluminum averages 96% in our key markets vs. 71% for glass. The carbon footprint (CO₂/liter) is about 35% lower in comparison to glass for transport and 50% lower for refrigeration.

We offer premium ingredients, eco-friendly packaging and value pricing.



The recycling rates for aluminum beverage cans are very high in our key markets, especially Germany and Finland, both at 99%. Recycling aluminum takes 95% less energy than producing it from its raw materials. Please recycle for a more sustainable life.