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Real ingredients sustainability value

In 2018 we stopped using plastic bottles and turned our focus to 100% sustainable organic products that are also low in calories. We are a pioneer in low-calorie drinks without sweeteners. Our lemonades have 68% less sugar than regular soft drinks and are sweetened only with juices from sustainably grown organic fruit.

Choosing organic ingredients is important on many levels. Organic food and beverages are free from pesticides and other chemicals - that is good for people but it is only part of the story. Organic farming is less intensive. Industrial farming and the use of pesticides reduces the biomass and diversity of insects. This impacts other animals like amphibians, birds and fish. Bugs are important for a healthy eco-system. We can support diversity in our eco-system by choosing organic ingredients. Our small individual choices can make a big difference.

We package in aluminium cans and soon glass bottles. Both have high recycling rates and will not poison our water. A big problem with plastic is that it is not really recycled - in fact less than 3% of the materials for new PET bottles come from recycled material. According to the WWF, there is one ton of plastic in our oceans for each five tons of fish.

At Level Organic, we offer premium organic ingredients, lower sugar and eco-friendly packaging at value pricing.

Good for people, good for the planet.



Aluminum packaging is a new look for the organic market. Aluminum is very sustainable because it is infinitely recyclable and lightweight. The recycling rate of aluminum averages 96% in our key markets vs. 71% for glass. The carbon footprint (CO₂/liter) is about 35% lower in comparison to glass for transport and 50% lower for refrigeration.

Recycling aluminum takes 95% less energy than producing it from its raw materials. We like aluminum because it is lightweight and easy to take on the go, but also because it is highly recycled and has a low carbon footprint. Please recycle for a more sustainable life.

level organic supports the united nations goals for sustainable development

level organic supports the united nations goals for sustainable development